Сайтът на Джон Клийз

Comic legend John Cleese is to undergo surgery on his colon to alleviate diverticulitis – and he plans to auction the parts of his anatomy surgeons remove on his personal website. The Monty Python funnyman and actor, 65, jokes with fans in a statement released on the internet that he developed the condition, which is prevalent in older people with a low fiber diet, because of his “gluttony”. He even takes the joke so far as to suggest parts of his digestive system will shortly be available for his most dedicated fans to purchase. The statement continues: “The cure is to have the bit of the gut that has all the little pockets cut out. A very nice surgeon will be doing this. The infected bit which has been cut out by the surgeon will be offered for sale on the website in the next few days. Proceeds from the sale will be divided between JC and the very nice surgeon.”

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