Ами ако…

… Peanuts беше създаден от Чарлз Буковски?

Peanuts by Charles Bukowski

И разказът за…

Peppermint Patty

“Hey, Chuck! Long time no see!”

Patty barged her way into the apartment. Charlie shut the door behind her and they sat down on a couple of chairs in the living room.

“Got anything to drink? I’m dying of thirst here, Chuck.”

“I’ve got whiskey.”

“Sure, Chuck. Whatever you’re drinking.”

Charlie poured a couple of tall drinks of whiskey. Patty knocked hers back in a single, prolonged swallow. “Jesus, but that hits the spot! You got any beer, Chuck? Nothing like a good cold beer. God o mighty, I’m thirsty!”

Charlie had some beer in the icebox. Patty pulled one out and started sucking at it. They went ahead and drank, it was as good a night as any. She was a real piece of work, all right. Everyone said she made it with the ladies, but Charlie didn’t care. She had this one dyke piece down at the factory named Marcie. Marcie and Charlie didn’t get along okay because Patty was sweet on Charlie as well.

Pretty soon Patty was drunk, and she was letting Charlie know she wanted it. “Look here, Chuck, I know you want to give me that thing.”

“Listen, Patty. It’s getting pretty late. I’ve got too much work to do.”

“Work! Work! You’re real dull, Chuck! Let’s screw!”

“Sorry, babe, but tonight’s not the best. Listen, I’m sick. I think you’d better go.”

Charlie stood up and went to the door and opened it.

“You’re an asshole, Chuck,” she said. “You’re too wishy-washy. Maybe I’ll go get a drink with that funny-looking kid with the big nose. That would make you jealous, wouldn’t it?”

She grabbed her purse and stormed out.

Charlie closed the door and went back to cutting up newspapers. Jesus, he thought. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Светът вече не е същия.


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