Curry-N-Rice Girl

Ултимативното домашно видео. Може ли от смях да си докараш мускулна треска? Това е сайта на невероятното дуо MC Vikram & Ludakrishna. Намерих и текста на песента 😀

Rice-N-Curry Girl

Few times I checked the magazine ads
I even tried in the Indian chat
Coz I really want to find the right girl
I want a curry and rice girl
I asked my dad and i asked my mom
Put my biodata on
Coz they want to find the right girl
They really dont want a white girl

She’s too dark, she’s too big
She’s too short she’s too thin
She’s too small she’s too light
Oh my god look she’s a white

Flipped through the mags to the county ads
Coz I was looking for my future wife
Saw an ad in the back that I really liked
For a girl that was fair and slim
So I went to the house and to my surprise
The advertisement was a big fat lie
When I saw the girl in front of me
I couldnt tell if it was a her or him

Hey what is your digits what is your screen name
Ladki are you on friendster too
Coz if you are put your picture up
And you know I’ll holler at you
If you want to meet, we can go to eat
We will share some lassis and some laddus
If this doesn’t work I’ll stop chasing girls and let my parents choose

You like my biodata? B-I-O-D-A-T-A!

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